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The US Army War College is now accepting nominations for civilian guests to attend the 2020 Commandant's National Security Program (CNSP). We would appreciate your assistance in this endeavor. Please use this form to submit your nomination.

The invited guests will be a select group of representatives from academia, the media, government, business, and other prominent organizations. By design, they represent a cross section of experience, contemporary interests, and views. Each is invited as a representative of their organization and its culture, someone deeply concerned with the well being of the nation, and as a person whose experience, knowledge, and interests will enable him or her to contribute to seminar group discussions.

Qualifications: Nominees must be US citizens and may not be currently serving in or retired from any component of the US Armed Services. While not prohibited, it is preferred that nominees have minimal military or national security-related job experience in their background. Some limited experience will be considered; please contact the CNSP Director with any questions.

This is a nominative process. You are asked to first make contact with the prospective nominee to determine if he/she would be interested in attending the CNSP; however, you should not lead the person nominated to believe that an invitation is certain. The Commandant, US Army War College reviews the entire list of nominees and will send out invitations to the selected individuals. The invitations, which are extended during early March, provide additional specific information on the program.

To ensure timely selection for the current year, nominations must be submitted no later than 17 Jan 2020. To access the Guest Nomination Form, please click here. Contact us here if you have any questions or need additional information.

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