Chairman's Program Assessment (CPA)

The CPA provides the Chairman’s personal assessment of Service and Defense agencies’ Program Objective Memorandums (POMs) and Budget Estimate Submissions (BESs) to the Secretary of Defense to influence the Program and Budget Review (PBR). SECDEF decisions for POM and BES adjustments are communicated via the Program Decision Memorandums (PDMs) that adjust the POMs and the Program Budget Decisions (PBDs) that adjust the BES.The CPA provides the Chairman’s personal assessment and advice on the conformance of Service and agency POMs to the priorities established in strategic guidance, strategic plans, and by combatant commands.

The CPA is prepared and developed through the Joint Requirements Oversight Council-Functional Capabilities Board
(JROC-FCB) process. Using a process similar to the production of the Chairman’s Program Recommendation (CPR), most CPA issues are derived from an assessment of Services’ POM/BES compliance with Joint Programming Guidance (JPG). The candidate CPA issues are provided to each combatant commander, Service Chief, and Joint Staff J-director for comment. The Chairman considers the comments from these senior leaders as he personally finalizes this memorandum.

For more information: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Charter of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council and Implementation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System. CJCSI 5123.01I. Washington, DC: Joint Staff, October 30, 2021.