Chairman's Program Recommendation (CPR)

The CPR provides the Chairman's personal recommendations to the Secretary of Defense for the programming and budgeting process before publishing the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), in accordance with Title 10, USC. The CPR articulates programs the Chairman deems critical for the Secretary of Defense to consider when identifying DOD priorities and performance goals in the DPG, and emphasizes specific recommendations that will enhance joint readiness, promote joint doctrine and training, improve joint warfighting capabilities, and satisfy joint warfighting requirements within DOD resource constraints and within acceptable risk levels.
The CPR informs the DPG and influences resource decisions and development of the President's Budget. CJCS develops the CPR through the Joint Requirement Oversight Council - Functional Capabilities Board (JROC-FCB) process.

The CPR candidate issues are provided to each Combatant Commander, Service Chief, and Joint Staff J-director for comment. The Chairman considers the comments from these senior leaders as he personally finalizes his memorandum. The CPR fulfills a CJCS statutory responsibility to provide advice on requirements, programs, and budget.

For more information: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Charter of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council and Implementation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System CJCSI 5123.01I. Washington, DC: Joint Staff, October 30, 2021.