The Chairman's Risk Assessment (CRA)

The Chairman’s Risk Assessment is informed by the full scope of the Joint Strategy Review process, and provides to Congress the Chairman’s assessment of the nature and magnitude of strategic and military risk in executing the missions called for in the National Military Strategy. By considering the range of operational, future challenges, force management, and institutional factors, the CRA provides a holistic assessment of the ability of the Armed Forces to meet strategic requirements in the near-term.

The Chairman submits the CRA (prepared by JS J-5) to the Secretary of Defense who forwards the report to Congress along with his comments, and, if necessary, a plan for mitigating the risks identified. The Chairman may also include in the report his recommendations for mitigating risk, such as changes in strategy, development of new operational concepts or capabilities, increases in capacity, or adjustments in force posture or employment.

Joint Staff J-5. “The New Chairman’s Risk Assessment Paradigm.” Joint Education Conference, USAWC, 12 Sep 2012 (3 slides). This briefing hammers home the focus of strategic leaders - identifying and mitigating risk. It also illuminates many of the other processes and products within the JSPS.

For more information: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Joint Strategic Planning System. CJCSI 3100.01E. Washington, DC: Joint Staff, May 21, 2021.