Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)

Effective April 2010, the DPG replaces the Guidance for the Development of the Force (GDF) and the Joint Programming Guidance (JPG). The DPG establishes DoD's force development planning and resource priorities in order to prevail in the Nation's current operations and to develop a balanced joint force to meet future contingencies. It consolidates and integrates force development planning priorities into a single overarching document for DOD planners to use, and replaces guidance from previous documents such as the Strategic Planning Guidance, Transformation Planning Guidance, Global Defense Posture, and Science and Technology Priorities. It also provides SECDEF Political-Military guidance to inform development of the Program Objective Memorandum (POM), and incorporates information from the National Defense Strategy and National Military Strategy. The DPG is classified SECRET.

Unless authorities specify otherwise, priorities from the DPG and GEF supersede previously existing force development planning guidance documents.