National Defense Strategy (NDS)

The NDS outlines the DOD approach to implement the President's National Security Strategy (NSS). The Secretary of Defense's NDS supports the NSS by establishing a set of overarching defense objectives that guide DOD's security activities and provide direction for the National Military Strategy (NMS). It outlines how DOD will support the objectives outlined in the NSS, including the need to strengthen alliances and build new partnerships to defeat global terrorism and prevent attacks against the United States, its allies and friends, to include with weapons of mass destruction; work with others to defuse regional conflicts, including conflict intervention; and transform national security institutions to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The NDS objectives will serve as links between military activities and those of other government agencies in pursuit of national goals. The 2022 NDS integrated the Nuclear Posture Review and the Missile Defense Review to form a single strategic guidance document.

The current 2022 National Defense Strategy can be found at: