Faculty & Staff

2021 DDE Faculty and Staff.

DDE Office of the Chair
ChairCOL Heather L. Smigowski
Academic Executive OfficerMr. Sylvester H. Brown
Program and Management AnalystMs. Jennifer L. Kauffman
Education TechnicianMs. Cathy M. Zimmerman
First Year Studies
Director & Faculty InstructorCOL John A. Mowchan
Director, Orientation ProgramCol Daniel T. McGee
Director, Strategic LeadershipLTC Renee R. Kiel
Director, National Security Policy and StrategyDr. Joel R. Hillison
Director, War and Military StrategyDr. Kevin J. Weddle
Director, Regional Issues and InterestsCOL Jerad I. Harper
Director, First Resident CourseCOL D. Matt Jenkins
Education TechnicianMr. Amos S. Myers
Education TechnicianMr. Mike R. Semrau
Faculty InstructorCOL Robert L. Edwards
Faculty InstructorCOL Silas G. Martinez
Faculty InstructorMr. Fred C. Bolton (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Karl D. Bopp (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Mark J. Eshelman (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMs. MaryAnn Foster
Faculty InstructorMr. Joel T. Hicks (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Thomas R. Leonard (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Thomas C. Linn (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Michael J. McMahon (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Craig D. Morrow (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Jeffrey C. Predmore (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMs. Ann E. Stafford (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMs. Christine A. Stark (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Dean C. Stodter (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Terry M. Wallace (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Robert E. Waring (Ctr)
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL James P. Allen
DIMA Faculty InstructorLTC Daniel D. Miner
DIMA Faculty InstructorLTC C. Bryan Riley
DIMA Faculty InstructorLTC Phillip D. Robinson
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Stephen B. Rubright
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Nicholas M. Sanchez
Second Year Studies
Director & Faculty InstructorCol Daniel T. McGee
Director, Contemporary Security IssuesMr. Robert S. Hume
Co-Director, DOD Organization and ProcessesCOL Heather O. Whitt
Co-Director, DOD Organization and ProcessesCDR Christian E. Cook
Director, Theater Strategy & Campaigning ICOL James A. Frick
Director, Theater Strategy & Campaigning IICOL Ryan D. Seagreaves
Director, Second Resident CourseCOL Francis V. Frazier
Director, ElectivesMr. David M. Birdwell
Education TechnicianMr. Albert R. Cobb, Jr.
Education TechnicianMr. J. Scott Shuffler
Faculty InstructorCOL Kacey C. Brashear
Faculty InstructorCDR Darian Caldwell
Faculty InstructorCOL Kelly A. Lelito
Faculty InstructorCOL Jeffrey A. McDougall
Faculty InstructorCOL Casey J. Miner
Faculty InstructorMr. Philippe R. Darcy (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Matthew Feely (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Craig J. Price (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. J. David Price (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. John T. Russell (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Douglas C. Van Weelden (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Tarn D. Warren (Ctr)
Faculty InstructorMr. Kenneth W. Womack (Ctr)
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Monica M. Foley
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Ernest C. Hernandez
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Peter D. Rocha
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Walter D. Venneman
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Brian F. Waltman
Certificate and Professional Education Division
Academic Program ManagerDr. Christopher W. Fowler
Director, Defense Planners CourseCOL Joseph L. Leardi
Program AssistantMs. Kelli S. Wolfe
Faculty InstructorMr. James V. Di Crocco
Faculty InstructorCOL Jeffrey W. Forest
Faculty InstructorCOL Jeffrey A. McDougall
Faculty InstructorLTC John P. McFarland
Faculty InstructorLTC Nathanael W. Peterson
Faculty InstructorDr. Jerome T. Sibayan
DIMA Faculty InstructorLTC Thomas Britt
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Matthew N. Gebhard
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Jeffrey S. Hartsell
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Eric C. Kotouc
DIMA Faculty InstructorMAJ Sam H. Ku
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Shad B. Satterthwaite
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Heath J. Streck
DIMA Faculty InstructorCOL Siegfried J. Ullrich
Reserve Component
United States Army Reserve Component AdvisorCOL Bettina K. Avent
United States Army National Guard Component AdvisorCOL John W. Bozicevic
Reserve Component Integration OfficerLTC H. Marc Sinclair
Instructional-Support Group
Supervisor Instructional Systems SpecialistMs. Terry A. Phoenix
Information Technology SpecialistMr. Randy S. Kujawski
Information Technology SpecialistMr. Darren J. Olah
Visual Information SpecialistMr. Jordan R. Souder
Museum CuratorMr. Brandon Wiegand
Information Technology SpecialistMr. Jeffrey D. Willmann
Information Technology SpecialistMr. Jeremy M. Wray
Information Technology SpecialistVACANT
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