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DDE has many avenues of support to help you fix problems that may occur as you access your courseware.  Problems can range from your permission and PC configuration problems (admin vs. non-admin privileges) to LMS access problems.

When contacting any of the support/technical services, please make sure you are as detailed as possible especially when sending an email. Your support request should contain this information:

  • Your name, class year, and program.
    • For Example: COL Deanna Paladin, CL24, DEP
  • Your phone number and hours you are available (at the location of the PC where you are having problems).
    • For Example: (XXX) 555-1234 M-F 0900-1730 (EST)
  • What course and where you are encountering problems.
    • For Example: Course DE2303, Block 2, Section 4, Lesson 1
  • A detailed description of the problem. If you are sending an email, a screen capture of the problem is desirable.
    • For Example: "When I click on the Bliss Hall lecture video, it takes 3 minutes for the video to start playing. And, when it plays the audio is muffled and the video is very blurry. I am stationed at the Embassy in South Africa and have a 10 Mbps modem connection."
    • Another Example: “When I try to log into Compass I get a ‘Page Cannot be displayed Error.’ I am accessing it through my home PC in Washington D.C., and my PC is running Window’s 10 with a cable modem.
  • What you should not do is something like this:
    • "I am getting an error when clicking on a video!" or,
    • "I am getting a cold fusion error." or,
    • "I can't get to my course."

NOTE: If something you are trying to access gives you a very generic code, please include where in the course you were working and what you were trying to access.

NOTE: Please click below to expand descriptions of each program and their course offerings.

Computers (Work-Issued and Personal)

If you are having problems with your PC or MAC, first note whether you are using your own computer or work issued computer.  Work issued computers, especially government or DoD issued computers, tend to be much more restrictive as to what you can and can’t access as well as what you can or can’t install. In most cases problems are alleviated once you change from using a work issued computer to your own personal computer.

If you are running into computer/configuration related problems when using your work issued computer, the first place to call is your agency’s help/service desk. Examples of problems may be:

  • Installation of browsers i.e. Firefox
  • Installation of certificates
  • Installation of Microsoft Teams
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat (PDF viewer)
  • Playing videos (although your computer may be properly configured, your work network may not allow for the playing of videos)
  • Browser security settings

If you are using your own computer and experiencing configuration problems, units 1, 2, and 3 should help you fix the problem. If that does not work you can email or call the U.S. Army War College’s service desk:

USAWC Help Desk (Service Desk): 1-800-716-2769


Hours: Mon-Fri, 0700-1630 (7:00 AM - 4:30 PM) Eastern Time


Compass (Access and Usage)

Most Compass problems tend to be access related. Please contact the Education Technicians of the year group or course to which you are assigned in order to ensure that you are appropriately enrolled.

If you access Compass and you get an error that the web page cannot be displayed, first make sure the web address is

If the address is correct, click refresh on your browser. If that does not resolve the issue, wait 5 minutes and hit refresh on your browser again.

If you are using the Compass web application and at any point get an error that the page cannot be displayed, click refresh on your browser. If that does not resolve the issue, wait 5 minutes and hit refresh on your browser again.

If the issues listed above are not resolved, please contact the Service Desk:

USAWC Help Desk (Service Desk): 1-800-716-2769


Hours: Mon-Fri, 0700-1630 (7:00 AM - 4:30 PM) Eastern Time


Blackboard (Access and Usage)

If you have problems logging into BlackBoard, first make sure you are at the correct address:

Next, verify that your username and password are correct. Your initial Blackboard username and initial password was sent to you in your welcome email. Did you change your password? If the answer is, "Yes," and you can't remember it, contact the Blackboard Help Desk listed below and you will be issued a temporary password.

If your login and password is correct and you still cannot access Blackboard, contact the Blackboard Help Desk listed below. There is a chance that you were not properly enrolled in the course/program. By contacting the Blackboard Help Desk, this should resolve the issue.

Below, you will find the contact information for the Blackboard Help Desk:

Local: 717-245-3000, Option 2

Toll-Free: 1-800-716-2769, Option 1, then Option 1 again


Enrollment and Admissions

If you have questions concerning your enrollment and admissions, contact the USAWC Registrar's Office at:


Microsoft Office 365 (.edu)

If you have questions concerning your Microsoft Office 365 (.edu) account, contact the USAWC Office 365 Help Desk at:


Army 365 (

If you have questions concerning your Army 365 ( account, contact the Army 365 Help Desk at:


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